Friday, February 4, 2011

Bile Aku Jadi Seorang Wartawan.......

Salam dan Halooooo......

Pertama sekali, selamat Tahun Baru Cina kepada semua pembaca blog ni. Hohohohohoho.
Pape pun, bukan niat di hati pada hari ini untuk menceritakan pasal Raya Cina ni. Raya Cina baru je mula kan? Kan...kan?... Dan cuti pun baru je nak habis. Aku tau la, bagi mereka-mereka yang masih menuntut, mesti, gerenti, pasti dan sure lah korang mesti ada tugasan kan? Ngaku je la. Ngaku cepat!!.. Aha. Aku pun.

Jadi memandang kan cuti pun dah nak habis, tugasan pun tak siap lagi, jadi aku mengambil keputusan untuk 'sambil menyelam tangkap ikang' Aha. Tugasan yang aku kene buat banyak sebenarnya, tapi aku amik 1 je la. Tugasan yang menggunakan code COM 163 aka Writing to Mass Media(kalau tak salah....huhuhuhuhu)

Jadi, mari kita mulakan....Jeng jeng jeng......


LENDU: After the taken of a few new members, the Cultural Association of Universiti Teknologi Mara(UiTM) Lendu held an induction for the members of part one until part four students.
This association is a combination of Seni Dance Tradisional(SENCETRA), Seni Ekspresi Diri(SEPRESI), and Band club. Even though, the members of the Band club unable to attend the event due to certain occasions that can not be avoided.
At 9 a.m, a number of 32 members and 21 committee gather to start the first activity. Lead by the committee members they do the morning exercise for about 30 minutes before having a nice morning breakfast. They continue with ice breaking sessions where the members need to introduce themselves and do some actions base on their club.

Seven groups formed fairly within the members as they proceed to the next activity which is the Explorace around the area of UiTM Lendu. Each group consist of four to five members. This activity is the most testing endurance, creativity and cooperation for each group. The contestant not only need to run, dance, act, but also eat something weird but yet still can be eaten as it is proven safe. This activity ended when all the groups have arrived at the last checkpoint and been given a nice meal for lunch.

One of the event committee also the former YDP of SENCETRA Shakirin Azim bin Mustapha said the purpose of this event is to consolidate and strengthen the ties between the Cultural Association members itself. This is due to some of the members did not know who is the highest committee members and the the new members can not recognize the old members and vice versa.

"Alhamdulillah, i think this induction manage to achieve the goals and objective that we target, even it is brief, the impact can be seen, and i hope it effect does not simply disappeared," said Kirin.

"I am very satisfied with this induction. Although we expected more to come but attendance was quite encouraging. In terms of the members involvement, to me it is best and I hope everyone will come together under this one Cultural Association and not their only club such an SENCETRA, SEPRESI and Band itself," added Kirin

Reaction of the association advisor, Madam Eltis Nazar binti Abdul Aziz is very satisfied and happy. Even there is lack somewhere, but the program moving with great success.

This event was planned by madam Eltis and being helped with the others committee members. But the original idea is given by the present YDP of Cultural Association, Hafizi Said, while the idea for the Explorace is given by Shakirin.

The budget for this event is approximately around RM 350. "The money is mostly used for the food, and task equipment during the Explorace," said Siti Syuhadah Moideen the present secretary of SENCETRA.

Lastly, Shakirin also added that with the successful of this first trail of event, he hope that it can continued but applied specifically with workshop of arts and culture itself so the members can gain useful information.



KeY_riN said...

hahhaa nice adi.... tapi kena betulkan la sikit sikit lagi, fizi tu nama dia dptkan nama penuh...
yg exercise tu 30 minit..
group hanya 7 la adi.

istadartiah shamsudin said...

rajin :)